About AMK

AMK Absent Minded Klothing AMK

Absent Minded Klothing is a new, upcoming clothing company that strives to express a bold and clear message of inner strength that every individual contains within. Focusing on the persistence of all things positive and the struggle to keep our ideals alive, AMK is directed to represent a higher state of living in everyday life. Whether its physical, mental, or just giving meaning to the ordinary, our purpose is to remind ourselves that everything is interconnected. With an Absence of Mind we realize that anything can be accomplished. Our designs stimulate a creative, strong, and positive way of thinking that we believe everyone is entitled to be apart of. The Absent Minded Klothing logo depicts the Krown, giving proof that every person is a king within themselves. Diverting from today's common propaganda and subliminal mass media messages, AMK considers it's company to be the truth. AMK does not intend to make our underground ideals and ideas mainstream, but rather bring them to eye level. ONE!